Believe it or Don't

Believe it or Don't(1935)

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Believe it or Don't剧情内容介绍

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Believe it or Don't剧情内容介绍

Believe it or Don't原名:Believe it or Don't,

A ****** with a jazzy rhythm to the heart of madness! Charley Bowers employed a wealth of inventiveness in this mysterious animated film. This film was totally unknown for a long time, until the day it was purchased by Mark Newgarden, a private American collector, on an online auction website.



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  • Flicker Alley于2019年发行的蓝光 此部动画是在30年代诞生之后,首度再次面世 螃蟹玩起打击乐器,是不是很像《海上钢琴师》里的1900?