UFO: It Is Here


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  • 豆瓣评分:  未知
  • 导演: Daniele Grieco
  • 演员: Laura Berlin
  • 类型:科幻 / 恐怖
  • 地区: 德国
  • 片长: 86分钟
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UFO: It Is Here剧情内容介绍

《UFO: It Is Here》在线观看和下载

UFO: It Is Here剧情内容介绍

UFO: It Is Here

Five film students are producing a documentary about the local zoo when suddenly the animals go berserk: The reason is a light ball flying by in the sky and crashing at the horizon. Convinced that they've just witnessed a meteor landing the students follow the trajectory to document the ***** with their camera. In a forest area they discover a burned crater. Since it's too dark...

发布于2016年。由Daniele Grieco执导,并且由编剧Daniele Grieco携幕后团队创作。集众多位Laura Berlin等著名实力派明星加盟。


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  • 幽浮降临动物*动,不明黑烟炙热金属,遍地鸟尸朋友挂树,溶洞母体肉块消化,异形怪蛋疾速绦虫,白沫牛骨哭泣素颜……学生小成本制作能玩出那么多**,还蛮开心的